BMW Mechanic Tool Set, BMW Service Tool Kit

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a mechanic, having a BMW mechanic tool set on hand can be convenient. Having a kit that includes just about anything you need can help you complete various tasks, from fixing up an old hooptie to hanging shelves and fiddling with persnickety power outlets.

BMW mechanic tool set spark plug sockets

Spark plugs are a vital part of modern engines. But they are also delicate, and you need a unique BMW mechanic tool set to remove them.

A spark plug socket is a specialty socket designed specifically for removing and installing spark plugs without damaging them. Some have rubber inserts, while others use magnets to hold the spark plug in place.

BMW mechanic tool set spark plug sockets

BMW mechanic tool set shaft seal puller

When working on a shaft seal, you can save time and money by using a puller. BMW mechanic tool set can remove most radial shaft seals in a safe, efficient manner.

They also work well on a variety of other applications. For example, they can remove the oil seal on a cam/crankshaft or pull the engine’s crank oil ring for replacement.

VANOS timing kit

If you’re working on BMW valve-train repairs, having a variety of special tools is essential. Whether replacing camshafts, adjusting valves, or installing VANOS components, having the right tools on hand will make your job easier.

Designed for professional workshop use, this BMW mechanic tool set includes everything you need for engine maintenance or repair. The heavy-duty tools are high-quality carbon steel and can last years in your workshop.

BMW mechanic tool set shaft seal puller

Throttle potentiometer tester

A bad throttle position sensor can often cause many issues in your vehicle. It can generate poor fuel economy, low engine speed, poor computer signals, ignition timing problems, and gear-shifting issues.

You’ll need a multimeter and a set of test wires to test your throttle position sensor. First, connect the negative lead to the ground terminal and the positive to the signal. If you still can’t fix the problem even though you have a BMW mechanic tool kit, be sure to stop by a BMW mechanic near you.

BMW mechanic tool set four-pin groove nut

Tri-groove (also referred to as T-groove or TP3) are security screws with flat-topped conical heads and three short radial slots that do not join in the center.

These are a must-have for every mechanic. They make it easier to remove press-fit fasteners that are often difficult to get at with regular screwdrivers. For example, these are used to release vane pump pulleys. They are also suitable for removing other fasteners on the interior or exterior of a vehicle.

VANOS timing kit

Diesel fuel pressure meter

A fuel pressure meter or tester may not be at the top of your list, but it is an essential piece of equipment for any mechanic. A low fuel pressure reading may indicate a bad fuel pump or other problems in the system.

Using the correct BMW mechanic tool set can help you to identify and solve many of these issues. For instance, the diesel fuel pressure meter is an excellent place to start. The aptly named OMT(r) fuel pressure meter will give you an instant reading of your psi (pounds per square inch) and bar pressures, which are critical to operating the engine properly.

BMW mechanic tool set resistance substitution box

If you’re testing electronic parts on your BMW, this resistance substitution box will make the job quick and easy. It contains resistors with various resistance values that can be dialed in by mechanical switches.

This tool is useful when checking instrument cluster gauges, fuel injection system sensors, or anti-theft systems. It can also be used to check and calibrate the vehicle’s cruise control system.

BMW mechanic tool set resistance substitution box

BMW mechanic tool set belt stretching tool

The Belt Stretching Tool is an excellent way to remove and install an accessory drive belt. It is lightweight, and minor and can be placed on the front or back side of the pulley for easy use in tight spaces.

The BMW mechanic tool set has many tools that help make your job easier. However, the Belt Stretching Tool is one of the most effective. It can remove and install an accessory drive belt on some BMW models.

VANOS Cam Locking Tool

To prevent piston-to-valve damage during cylinder head removal and re-installation, BMW designed a system that locks the camshaft and crankshaft into a specific position before removing the cylinder head. This BMW mechanic tool set includes the tools required to perform this work.

Suitable for use with M42, M44, M50, M52, M52TU, M54 and M56 6-cylinder engines utilized from 1998 onwards. Contains the VANOS Compressed Air Connector, Alignment Jig Adjusting plate, Sprocket Assembly Jig, and Chain Tensioner Lock Pin packaged in a blow molded case for storage or transport.

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